Products we stock

So you can have the Best Start to Breastfeeding!

Products we stock

So you can have the Best Start to Breastfeeding!

We have a small shop at Best Start and stock the most commonly used products to assist you with breastfeeding!


These are definitely the best sellers! ALL pumps come with 24 mm flanges; FEW mums have 24 mm nipples! Expressing with the correct size flange is really important to ensure you stimulate your breast effectively and protect your nipple from swelling or damage. We can measure you at Best Start, and make sure you have the best experience with expressing.

Maymom flanges are the most affordable flanges and come in a range of sizes from 11 mm upwards. They are compatible with Spectra and Medela pumps.

SPECTRA S1 and S2 pumps – for HIRE or SALE

Spectra S1 and S2 pumps are available for hire or purchase. Both these pumps are hospital grade, double electric pumps, and have a great reputation for being efficient. They are closed system pumps which means the pumps have a barrier between the milk and the pump motor, making them more hygienic. These pumps are suitable for extended use. They have a massage mode to help initiate milk flow, a timer, a light, and are quiet and lightweight. The S1 is rechargeable and portable, whereas the S2 needs to be plugged in to a power point when in use.


These popular hands free pumps are light, discreet, cordless and extremely efficient for the majority of mums who have established supply. We recommend using a hospital grade breast pump for the first 6 weeks until supply has established. These can be hired from Best Start.


Silverette® is the original silver nursing cups, made from natural 925 silver. The silver ions that naturally occur in 925 silver provide mothers the antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal benefits. These are effective to soothe and heal damaged nipples. They can be used long term. Best start sell the combo Silverette with the O feel ring. This is a soft hypoallergenic silicone ring that sits between the Silverette and your skin to cushion and prevent the Silverette pressing on the areola.


Medihoney is a wound care dressing made from sterilized, medical grade honey. It cleans a wound, lifts dead tissue, and provides a moist healing environment. It works effectively on damaged nipples. As this is a medicated honey, it is safe to use when breastfeeding.


Ladybug milk catchers and Haaka “pumps” are for sale at Best Start. If you are leaking milk through a let down from the breast you are not feeding from, use a ladybug to catch it! This can be decanted into a milk bag for use at a later stage, or is a great addition to your baby’s bath! The Haaka pumps can be used to relieve the feeling of fullness if your baby only feeds from one breast per feed, or of you have a fast/abundant let down that your baby struggles to cope with in the beginning. I do recommend discussing the Haaka pump use with one of us prior to using it so you make sure you are removing milk appropriately.


Pregnancy and breastfeeding probiotic

Qiara Pregnancy & Breastfeeding contains a probiotic strain, isolated from breastmilk, and can help you preserve a healthy gut microbiome through pregnancy and breastfeeding. They can also be beneficial as part of the care plan for  prevention and treatment of mastitis.


Qiara now do drops for babies. These may help support and maintain gastrointestinal system health. They can restore the balance of good gut flora during and after prescribed antibiotics. Studies have shown they can support good gut health and maintain and support general health and wellbeing.