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The Team


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Meet Eve

Eve Coote is a registered midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. An IBCLC is a healthcare professional who specializes in clinical management of lactation and breastfeeding.

About Eve

My dream as a young girl was to be a midwife. I trained in Scotland and achieved that dream in 1999. Since then I have had the privilege to work in many midwifery settings over the last 22 years, both in the UK and Australia. I have worked with low risk and high risk pregnancies, in hospitals and the community and love the journey of being “with women” through the most incredible transition from women to mum.

Midwife means “With Woman”. An integral part of midwifery is not only caring for women, but also their babies in the postnatal period. We are the first contact for men and women as they become “parents”. We educate, teach about the early days of parenting, support and build confidence. We also have a huge role in helping new mums achieve their breastfeeding journey.

My desire to support women in pregnancy and postnatally became stronger after I had my first son. My focus was on birth, I didn’t really think too much about breastfeeding – it happened naturally right?

My experience… A preterm baby who couldn’t attach well, cracked, bleeding nipples, low supply, a baby who didn’t put on weight, conflicting advice… and I quickly learned there is very little support out there for new mums! That’s when I became passionate in providing a service to new families in the community. As a mum who had a tough start to breast feeding, I understand how critical good support and continuity is to help families succeed in establishing breast feeding.

As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) I have the skills and knowledge to provide the best care and advice to you and your baby through your feeding challenges. It is my passion to work with you to help you achieve realistic goals that work for your family and to achieve the best start on your journey together by facilitating the unique bond that is developed through breast feeding.

Meet Catherine

Catherine brings years of expert knowledge to Best Start Lactation Consultancy having worked in many settings across Women’s and Newborn’s Health since 1981. Her professional achievements include a management role in the Breastfeeding Centre in Western Australia’s largest tertiary Women’s Hospital, playing an integral part in the success of Health Services gaining BFHI (Baby friendly hospital initiative) accreditation. Catherine has also developed education opportunities and has taught breastfeeding courses to other Health Professionals across WA, and it’s such a privilege to have her on board!

About Catherine

I was born in Perth and qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1980 through the Western Australian School of Nursing, I did my midwifery in Perth at King Edward Memorial Hospital. I loved the education and breastfeeding on the Postnatal wards and went onto study Child Health at Curtin in 1987. I have been supporting breastfeeding families as an IBCLC since 2002.

It was such a natural progression for me as a midwife, the perinatal period is so much more than the birth. The other motivator was having our son at 37 weeks, what a challenge with very limited support!

I am passionate about breastfeeding and educating families about it! So many mums (and health professionals who give advice about breastfeeding) do not know how the breast works in pregnancy and breastfeeding, so I encourage you to link in with us in BEFORE you have your baby so we can give you the best information and allow you to understand how amazing the breast is from conception to lactation!

Breastfeeding can be a tough and challenging journey, but with the right support it is a unique, amazing experience.

When I am not supporting breastfeeding families, I am still reading and learning every day as I love all things lactation! I also love bush walking, gardening, and family time.

Meet Elaine

Elaine brings a wealth of knowledge to Best Start Lactation Consultancy. She currently works on Friday’s at Best Start, and as an IBCLC and an CHN in the public system also. It’s so exciting to bring her experience to the team!

About Elaine

I was born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. I backpacked in Australia for a year in 1995 and later convinced my husband that we needed to live there, and we made the move to Perth in 2002.

I trained as a nurse at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary in 1991and then as a midwife at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital in 1998. I moved to Perth in 2002 and worked as a midwife at Woodside Maternity Hospital, Kaleeya Hospital and then Fiona Stanley Hospital. I then qualified as a Child Health Nurse in 2016 and as an IBCLC in 2018.

Whilst working as a visiting midwife, I realised that there was a real lack of support in the community for breastfeeding women. I felt I could use my skills as a midwife and support women with their breastfeeding, so gained my qualification as an IBCLC. I had had a difficult breastfeeding journey with my first son and wished I could have had positive, nonjudgmental support from a friendly professional who could help me be confident in my ability.

I currently work in the Public Health system as an IBCLC and a Child Health Nurse, and I am excited to be working on Fridays at Best Start Lactation.

My best breastfeeding advice: Ensure you are well informed in the antenatal period. Seek support early.

I feel blessed that I really enjoy my work. I love empowering women with evidence-based information and supporting them within their role as a mother. I am looking forward to linking in with you to offer my knowledge and expertise!

When I am not supporting families, I love reading, beach walks, my Cavoodle and travelling. I am a real foodie too!

Meet Emiko

Emiko was the first IBCLC to join Best Start Lactation Consultancy last year. Her knowledge and expertise in supporting women has been invaluable. She currently works on Saturday morning’s at Beststart, and as an IBCLC in the public system also.

About Emiko

Hi, my name is Emiko. I was born in Japan but Australia has been my home for the last 20 years.

I am a Registered Nurse, Midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). My university education and professional experience have been acquired here in Perth, Australia.

I have worked in Tertiary settings, in the community as part of the Visiting Midwifery Service, and in the Breastfeeding Centre of Western Australia, providing new mums with support to help them establish breastfeeding, and navigate common challenges that present in the first few weeks. I also have experience with complex feeding challenges, and am here to support you through any breastfeeding challenge you may encounter!

I commenced my studies when I was still breastfeeding and juggling the transition to being a mother. This was probably was the most challenging time of my life but equally very rewarding.

I worked as a nurse for five years before studying Midwifery, and subsequently Lactation Consultancy. It was through my own experiences of having children and breastfeeding that my interest in midwifery and lactation started to grow.

I am a wife and mother to our 3 girls and a boy all of whom I breastfed with some initial challenges. All my breastfeeding years add up to be over 8 years and like most parents, I do miss those special years. I also tandem fed my first two babies for 6 months. It is this experience that helps me day in day out to assist and empathise with women going through their breast feeding journey.

When I’m not learning more about breastfeeding, I love baking, learning new languages and watching my kids play sport.