Mothers are born too

And making the transition can be challenging.

Mothers are born too

And learning how to be one is tricky.

There’s the sleep deprivation. Those nappies. Those moments that just take your breath away.

And then there is feeding.


How often? Are they getting enough? Should they be doing that? Are they overfed? Should it hurt this much?

Are they crying because they are hungry? Or just tired? Or do they just have wind?

So you turn to Google and what you find is just more confusion.

And your mother’s group isn’t helping out either, because as it turns out all babies are different.

How about we just skip to the answers?

Whether you are pregnant with your first child staring into the unknown or an experienced mother who newest addition is not quiet getting it, I can help.

I’m Eve! I am a Wife and mum of 2 gorgeous boys, a Midwife, and an International Certified Lactation Consultant.

And my mission is to help you get the best out of your breastfeeding experience – whatever that means for you and your baby.

This could mean helping you understand what a “good” breastfeed looks, sounds and feels like. Or helping you identify reasons for breastfeeding challenges and ways to overcome those.

Whatever your situation often it just takes a professional eye, understanding ear and a calming voice.

Let the team at Best Start be that for you.

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My Story

My dream as a young girl was to be a midwife. I trained in Scotland and achieved that dream in 1999. Since then I have had the privilege to work in many midwifery settings over the last 22 years, both in the UK and Australia. I have worked with low risk and high risk pregnancies, in hospitals and the community and love the journey of being “with women” through the most incredible transition from women to mum.

Midwife means “With Woman”. An integral part of midwifery is not only caring for women, but also their babies in the postnatal period. We are the first contact for men and women as they become “parents”. We educate, teach about the early days of parenting, support and build confidence. We also have a huge role in helping new mums achieve their breastfeeding journey.

My desire to support women in pregnancy and postnatally became stronger after I had my first son. My focus was on birth, I didn’t really think too much about breastfeeding – it happened naturally right?

My experience… A preterm baby who couldn’t attach well, cracked, bleeding nipples, low supply, a baby who didn’t put on weight, conflicting advice… and I quickly learned there is very little support out there for new mums! That’s when I became passionate in providing a service to new families in the community. As a mum who had a tough start to breast feeding, I understand how critical good support and continuity is to help families succeed in establishing breast feeding.

As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) I have the skills and knowledge to provide the best care and advice to you and your baby through your feeding challenges. It is my passion to work with you to help you achieve realistic goals that work for your family and to achieve the best start on your journey together by facilitating the unique bond that is developed through breast feeding.

Breastfeeding is a World Health Initiative. It has many proven benefits to both mother and child. If you choose to breastfeed your baby you deserve expertise advice to facilitate this. When you stop breastfeeding because of inadequate support you often feel guilty or a sense of failure.

Let me be the person who supports you through your challenges and offer you consistent, up to date, evidence based advice.


What you can expect from working with us:

Establishing breastfeeding can take time, but with our support and guidance you can achieve a successful breastfeeding relationship for you and your baby. Sometimes you may need to express, use a supply line or a nipple shield, but we will work together to achieve your goal that is realistic for you!

Professional Bio

Eve Coote is a registered midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. An IBCLC is a healthcare professional who specializes in clinical management of lactation and breastfeeding. Eve has expanded the team at Best Start recently, welcoming Catherine and Emiko. As internationally recognised IBCLC’s we have a unique body of knowledge and skill to provide expertise advice and support in routine, complex and high risk situations.