If you are within a local radius, I am available for consults in the privacy of your own home, or I am happy to visit you in hospital once you have had your baby to help with those precious first few feeds. Together we can devise an individualized plan to suit your specific needs for your family.

I also have consulting rooms at Bateman Commercial Centre, 15/22 Parry Ave, Bateman.

Although a natural process; breastfeeding is a learned technique. Being prepared antenatally can reduce a lot of breastfeeding stress and issues. Learning optimal positing and attachment techniques, understanding basic principles of supply and demand, and learning your baby's cues can be taught antenatally.  If you have previously had difficulties breastfeeding we can discuss those issues and work together to ensure a positive experience is achieved.

I will assess your baby's oral structure and function of the tongue, do pre and post weights, observe your baby's signs at the breast, ensure you have strategies for optimal positioning and attachment and can help you and your baby establish a healthy feeding relationship. If there are factors restricting your baby's breastfeeding ability ( Ankyloglossia - tongue tie/ torticollis/ poor suck function ) then I can advise you on all your options for extended health professional input. I provide a plan and a follow up phone call within a week of your consult. 

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your amazing breastfeeding journey!